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Improve comfort throughout your home, trim energy costs, and simplify HVAC management with the installation of a wireless thermostat. These smart thermostats learn from your behavior, allow remote access from virtually anywhere, automatically react to varying indoor conditions, and optimize cost savings to quickly recover the investment. Air One HVAC Systems properly matches the ideal product to your lifestyle and requirements. Our qualified technicians complete quick and proper installation, handle set up, and explain features and operation. We offer a wide selection of user-friendly, attractive, and customizable models to improve enjoyment and usability of your indoor space.


Some of the many rewarding features of a wireless thermostat include:

  • Make adjustment from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, no matter where you happen to be, and your thermostat will provide the time required to complete changes, and impact on energy use
  • Manage multiple thermostats at various locations throughout the home, or in multiple residences, such as a vacation home, all through your smartphone
  • Customize zones to personal preferences, and only heat or cool those rooms that are occupied
  • Target those rooms that tend to heat up or cool down throughout the day
  • Get notified by text or email if temperature within the home dramatically increases or decreases
  • Receive helpful energy saving tips
  • Get reminders for timely filter changes
  • Receive maintenance notifications
  • Display humidity levels, outdoor temperature, and weather forecast
  • Coordinates dual fuel systems year round energy savings.
  • Manage Indoor Air Quality accessories
  • Sensors keep track of when you’re home or away and adjust accordingly
  • Learning capability adapts to your schedule
  • Full-color touch screen offers helpful, on-screen prompts for user-friendly operation
  • Photo upload capability allows personalization of display

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