Todd Gomez

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After moving into a new home late 2016. I called Air One with some issues we were having with the performance of our furnace. Chris came out and after evaluating our system he said the Equipment is fine and we needed to add 2 more Return Air Grills. Totally not what I was thinking. Due to the inability of keeping the house comfortable and the furnace always running, I'm thinking "rip it out and put in a Bigger Furnace." I appreciate his honesty and not trying to up sale me unneeded Equipment , not to mention, saving us thousands of dollars! Jorge and crew showed up and knocked it out with a first rate installation. When completed the place was clean and Jorge took the time to program the new thermostat as well as show me how to use it from my phone. The heat and a/c now works perfect! Well done Air One HVAC! Cheers!